Title IX Coordinator

The Title IX Coordinator is the designated representative of Liberty Charter School #458 with primary responsibility for coordinating the school’s Title IX compliance efforts, including its efforts to end any sexual misconduct, prevent its recurrence, and address its effects. The Title IX Coordinator oversees and monitors Liberty’s overall compliance with Title IX-related policies and developments; the implementation and oversight of grievance processes and procedures, including review, investigation, and resolution of reports of sexual misconduct; and the provision of educational materials and training for the school community; and monitoring all other aspects of the school’s Title IX compliance.
Inquiries or complaints about Title IX, sex discrimination, sexual harassment, or other forms of sexual misconduct may be directed to the school’s Title IX Coordinator:
Mrs. Gayle O’Donahue
Title IX Coordinator
Liberty Charter School
9955 Kris Jensen Lane
Nampa, Idaho 83686
Phone: 208-466-7952
Email: godonahue@libertycharterschool.com or office@libertycharterschool.com