Professional Presentation Opportunities


Every student of Liberty Charter High School is expected to make a presentation at the end of each year about a meaningful LCHS academic experience. Each class (9-12) has a specific presentation night and participation is mandatory. These events are nights of recognition, reflection and celebration. Presentation night is an opportunity for parents to see all the wonderful accomplishments of LCHS students. It is an opportunity for the community to learn more about Liberty and for students to reflect on their opportunities and accomplishments for the year. Presentations are a part of the charter and are required for every LCHS students. Criteria for presentations are as follows:

- Must be reflective
- Must focus on academic or school related topics
- Must include visuals
- Must be memorized and well presented
- Deadlines must be met to receive an A.
- Student will be allowed to use 1 3 X 5 note card
- Be 2 - 3 minutes in length
- Students are to be respectful to fellow students and will refrain from talking during student presentations.
- Students must be dressed in semi-formal attire. Boys must wear a tie, slacks and a button up shirt. Girls must wear dress
slacks, skirts or dresses.
- Student will receive ½ credit and a grade with satisfactory completion of all presentation requirements.